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Find out about Jack Halfon’s early life in Harare, Zimbabwe. Halfon was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Know about the schools that he went to in Zimbabwe. The schools he attended were David Livingstone Junior School and Churchill Boys High School in Harare.

Gain knowledge about how he arrived in South Africa. He came to South Africa with R300 in his pocket. In 1994, Jack Halfon established Atlas Finance, to supply South Africans with the economic help necessary for household bills as well as other immediate costs. Halfon and Atlas Finance have supplied over two million loans to clients who have to cover household costs, hospital bills, as well as other common debts. Know about Atlas Finance today. Atlas Finance has over 170 branches nationwide. Atlas Finance maintains affiliation with MicroFinance South Africa, South Africa’s biggest trade group for microfinance credit providers.

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His love and his admiration for his wife Gill emerge from within when he talks about her. When his three children and three grandchildren enter, he radiates with love. Jack Halfon taught his children values, appreciation, as well as to consider the man on the street always, and people who don’t have, while they had. He loves seeing his family grow. Spending time with his family is what he loves. He also has a love of his Jewish roots.

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Halfon is also a philanthropist. He and Atlas Finance have supported Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa, a foremost source of free, nourishing meals for babies and children who stay in underserved areas across the country. In 2011 and 2012, Atlas Finance gave over 120, 000 meals via Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa. The lives of thousands of families have been altered for the better.

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Photography is among Jack Halfon’s main passions. His inspiration was discovered in isolated and well-travelled parts of the world. Halfon’s images of individuals within their surroundings reflect an unusually deep awareness of, and empathy for, his subjects. His book Faces and Places is a hardcover coffee-table book that showcases his greatest photographs from his travels across North America, Africa, Asia, and beyond, with a main emphasis on individuals in several of the poorest locations. All proceeds of his book go towards charity. Jack tributes Faces and Places to Gill, his wife. She is his travel partner as well as his creative advisor.

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Jack Halfon

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