Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon is a key individual in South Africa’s microlending industry. Jack Halfon is a lifelong entrepreneur. Family, charity, as well as business, are some of his loves. Find out more about Jack Halfon.

Jack Halfon Atlas

The culture at Atlas is founded on family and family values. We like to provide as much flexibility as possible, so you can make knowledgeable choices as to the type of loan that would be appropriate for you. See how our family is able to assist your family.

Jack Halfon’s Faces and Places

Jack Halfon is also a photographer. He published his much-loved images in Faces and Places. Faces and Places is the demonstration of years of artistic passion, brought together in a memoir of a photographer, who has an excellent eye for subject, as well as composition. With each book that is sold, 80 meals will be given to children who alternatively may have gone hungry.

Jack Halfon Atlas Finance

Jack Halfon began Atlas Finance, in 1994. Jack Halfon serves as the CEO of Atlas Finance. Atlas Finance is a microlender. The company’s first branch was in Eloff Street, Johannesburg. Atlas Finance now has over 170 branches across South Africa. Jack Halfon has turned Atlas Finance into one of the biggest microlending organizations in South Africa. For Jack Halfon, Atlas Finance’s clients are the same as family.

Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon was born in what is presently Zimbabwe. He attended David Livingstone Junior School, as well as Churchill Boys High School in Harare. Jack Halfon has been married for thirty one years, and has three children, and three grandchildren. Family is one of the most essential things in Jack Halfon’s life. Jack Halfon also believes in creating powerful, sustainable, communities.

Jack Halfon Microfinance

Microfinance is the providing of financial services to low-income individuals. Microfinancial firms provide loans, savings, as well as other fundamental financial services to low-income communities. Microfinancing is able to assist in creating new job opportunities, which has a favourable effect on the local economy.


Jack Halfon Philanthropist

Jack Halfon gives back to destitute communities. Jack Halfon has donated to an extensive variety of charities in Johannesburg, and elsewhere. These include Woodrock Animal Rescue, as well as Chabad House Johannesburg, amongst others. Jack Halfon’s desire to give can’t be satisfied.


Jack Halfon Payday Loans

Payday loans are a quick source of money in a financial emergency. A payday loan is able to give you the money that you require, frequently within a matter of hours. A credit report is not needed for payday loans. With payday loans, you can be independent. Making use of a payday loan signifies that you don’t have ask your family for money.

Jack Halfon South Africa

Jack Halfon arrived in South Africa in his late 20s, with lots of drive, but not much money. Soon enough, he discovered his calling in microfinance. Jack Halfon has assisted millions of people get the loans that they require, for life’s immediate costs.